Technical specification


Width : 185 cm closed/ 325 cm open (185 + 70+70)
Depth: 76
Height: 115 cm closed / 178 cm (open; height of worktop 87 cm)
Weight: 300 kg


The outdoor kitchen Finalmente is equipped with the KE bowl and the collapsible mixer tap Arsenio with extractible shower. It is possible to cook on the induction Teppanyaki hob, or on the induction Domino. As an alternative, gas hobs are also available, with the relevant gas connection in the back, or the electrical grill, Wok induction hob or dishes’ warmer. The refrigerator (capacity 60 lt.) is equipped with the new EcoSmart compressor, which has an energy consumption of 83% less than normal refrigerators, thanks to its A+++ energy efficiency class. Moreover, this refrigerator is equipped with an eutectic plate, installed on the back side, which ensures more than 12 hours of cooling without energy consumption, once the set temperature is reached.


Arsenio mixer tap
Magnetized bar
Extractable socket column
Bottles’ holder
Knives’ holder
Cutting board
Foster KE 34x40 bowl
Extractable drawer
Access to wastebin
Extractable drawers
Cooker hob A (according to choice)
Cooker hob B (according to choice)

Tutti gli accessori della cucina da esterno Foster Finalmente


The standard configuration with Foster Teppanyaki (A) and Foster gas hob mod. Domino KE (B) can be altered according to need. The drawing here under depicts the worktop with the two cooker hobs A and B, which can be chosen from the following:

Disegno tecnico della cucina Finalmente

Domino Teppan 7325 445
S4000 Domino Grill 7326 000
S4000 Domino 7321 240
S4000 Domino 7322 240
S4000 Domino 7341 245
KE Domino gas 7621
KE Domino gas 7622
KE Domino gas 7623
KE Domino gas 7624
Electra Induction 7322 234
S1000 Induction 7322 300
S4000 Domino 7276 032
S4000 Domino 7277 032




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