icona cucina finalmente pratica

Under the hood there’s a complete working kitchen

Terse steel volumes contain a complete and functional kitchen within. This is equipped with an ample worktop, a large drawer for trash separation and collection, with its practical push-push smaller drawer on top, a central cutlery drawer and a side refrigerator.


Once the cover is lifted, on can access the worktop with its complete outfit of tools, enough to satisfy even the most demanding cook.
In order to obtain additional room, one can rotate outward the side panels and lift the vertical sides up to a horizontal position (see animation here under). This way, one obtains to additional workspaces.
Once the cooking is done, the Finalmente kitchen can be brought back to its original configuration by closing the cover, thus hiding the crockery and tools used to cook.

The kitchen can be moved around at leisure because it is equipped with practical wheels, so that it can be positioned exactly where it is needed.


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